Meenadchi was a wonderfully kind, sensitive, and attentive facilitator. M guided the group and individuals to learn at their own pace, broke down complex topics into digesitble chunks, and created a space that was challenging and vulnerable. Learning about NVC for the first time in this setting has sparked an interest to explore it more deeply. I would highly encourage others to work with Meenadchi for any and all opportunities.

— Tracy Zhao, Executive Director of API Equality-LA

If you're looking for someone to help you or your group reach truth and get to the heart of the matter without delay, Meenadchi is your person. Meenadchi has assisted in a couple of events I led, and I found M’s spirit refreshing and deep without losing lightness and the capacity to connect at the heart level. It's a rare combination, utterly essential for the kind of journeys that are necessary for us to recover our full humanity from the ravages of what's happened in the last thousands of years, especially since 1492.

— Miki Kashtan, lead trainer and facilitator Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC)


This lens, vocabulary, and practice is so needed. It applies to inner dialogue, close relationships, community work, and world challenges. Meenadchi has an absolute gift for presenting this information in a clear, accessible, healing, and innovative way with a strong understanding of tools to allow unheard voices and feelings in.

— Mandy Jones

Meenadchi was such a skilled and empathic facilitator. I thought Meenadchi negotiated diverse needs in the space well and the time together was very intentional and thought out. I most appreciated the decolonized framework which allowed anger and accountability to surface more as legitimate resources and points of reflection.

— Shruti Purkayastha, cultural worker, artist, healer

Meenadchi is incredibly skilled in listening, reflecting, and in facilitating group catharsis with compassion and grace. This class offers a much needed intersectional and transformative justice lens to the traditional teachings of Non-Violent Communicating. The work is so important on every level - personal, interpersonal, and the collective.

— Maureen aka Marouge, singer/songwriter


The NVC series was transformational for me. Meenadchi is a generous and intentional facilitator. Meenadchi built a beautiful community among the group by inviting people to hold space for one another. When I started the series, I had in mind some key conflicts/situations I thought I needed to work on, but hroughout the series I saw the ways NVC could be applied to many aspects of my life — relationships, family, work.

— Linda Reyes, arts organizer


Meenadchi is one of the most empathetic and dynamic faciltators I’ve had the joy of working with, and the principles of NVC really came to life with M’s skilled blend of theory and practice, informed by a social justice lens. Because of this class, I’m so much better at articulating my feelings in every day life situations and the underlying needs behind them, and I have a dope toolkit to listen empathetically to the people around me.

— Kelly Osajima