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Intimate Partner NVC Weekender

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This Non-Violent Communication weekender workshop will explore dynamics and communication styles within our most intimate partnerships. An intimate partnership can be defined as any relationship in which you actively honor a commitment to intimacy, vulnerability, and the commitment itself. You are likely engaged in multiple intimate partnerships at this very moment - work homies, children/siblings/parents and other family members, romantic collaborators of various configurations, and many more.

Goals for this workshop:
- Increased shared awareness of how you cultivate and engage with intimacy in your partnership
- Development of strategies to support healthy growth in your commitment and communication
- Deepened empathy for each other's trigger spots and unacknowledged pain

Saturday March 23 and Sunday March 24, 10 am-4:30 pm
$200-$400 sliding scale per person
Location will be a private residence in Los Angeles

Please email to receive further details on registration. Space limited.

Meenadchi is a licensed occupational therapist and a trauma-informed Non-Violent Communication (NVC) facilitator and mediator. With work histories in suicide prevention and rape crisis advocacy, Meenadchi's work focuses on the intersections of trauma histories, building our somatic awareness, and cultivating our abilities to communicate with dignity and alignment to both ourselves and the ones we love. Meenadchi currently teaches an Intro to NVC series, with a transformative justice and decolonial lens, at the Women's Center for Creative Work.

James Bigelow has worked with children and families for roughly 18 years and began to introduce NVC into his work with children about 12 years ago. It remains a central part of the therapeutic work he does and his practice of life in general. He has also been politically active for most of life and has incorporated concepts of liberation theory into the work he does as well. He hold a practice group called "radical empathy" on Tuesday nights 6-8pm on the boarder of silver lake and east Hollywood, near Bellevue Park.