Meet Meenadchi

Meenadchi (pronouns: Meenadchi/they/them) is a licensed occupational therapist with 10+ years experience in trauma services and crisis stabilization. Beginning in suicide prevention and moving on to work in rape crisis advocacy with system-involved and sexually exploited minors, Meenadchi brings a strong sense of steadiness and presence to all professional environments.

Meenadchi’s NVC practice began in 2002. It became a natural fit to weave these magical tools for self-compassion and empathy into Meenadchi’s daily work. Meenadchi has assisted 10-day residential trainings in Sri Lanka and the Bay Area alongside Jeyanthy Siva, Miki Kashtan, Sarah Peyton, Roxy Manning, and many more. Meenadchi's NVC practice lays the groundwork for a somatic and intersectional approach, incorporating tools to divest from shame and to develop healthy, interdependence and shared reality. Craniosacral therapy, family constellations, and bachata are additional modalities that Meenadchi incorporates into the work.

In December 2018, Meenadchi was invited to become Co-Conspirator Press’s inaugural author with the workbook Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication.